What is the Pacemaker Implantation Surgery Cost in Chennai? What is the Pacemaker Implantation Surgery Cost in Chennai?

What is the Pacemaker Implantation Surgery Cost in Chennai?

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June 11, 2024 |
What is the Pacemaker Implantation Surgery Cost in Chennai? 9 Min Read | 58

A pacemaker is a tiny battery-powered device. This device detects when your heart beats too slowly. It stimulates your heart to beat at the proper rhythm by sending a signal to it. In order to prevent arrhythmias, its primary job is to ensure that the heart beats at the appropriate rhythm; that is, neither too fast nor too slow. In this blog, we will discuss in detail explanation of pacemaker implantation surgery cost in Chennai and affecting factors.

A pacemaker implantation surgery is the insertion of a tiny electronic device (pacemaker) to assist in the control of slow electrical cardiac issues. It is often done in the chest, right below the collarbone. To make sure that the heartbeat does not drop to a dangerously low rhythm, a pacemaker might be advised.

The cost of pacemaker surgery varies depending on a number of factors, including hospital selection, type of surgery, fees charged by cardiologists, and severity of the condition. 

Exploring the Cost of Pacemaker Surgery in Chennai

The cost of a pacemaker surgery procedure in Chennai, India is usually much less than the same procedure and therapy in the US and other developed countries. The ultimate cost may vary depending on the patient's condition, diagnosis, and amenities. Furthermore, compared to India, the cost of pacemaker insertion operations can occasionally double in high-income countries.

In India, the typical surgical cost to implant a pacemaker ranges from Rs. 2,40,000 ($3000) to Rs. 4,50,000 ($5500). A pacemaker implant in Chennai, typically costs between Rs. 2,60,000 and Rs. 4,75,000 to perform surgically. Pacemaker implantation operation costs include the entire cost of all specialized physician fees, lab fees, hospital fees, prescription prices, and post-operative care costs. A single pacemaker cost in Chennai ranges between Rs. 41,000 to Rs. 55,000.

The following table represents the minimum cost, average cost and maximum cost for pacemaker surgery in various Indian Cities.


Minimum Cost (INR) Average Cost   (INR) Maximum Cost (INR)
Chennai 2,60,000 3,00,000 4,75,000
Mumbai 2,50,000 2,75,000 4,50,000
New Delhi 2,40,000 2,65,000 4,40,000
Bangalore 2,30,000 2,90,000 4,60,000
Hyderabad 2,50,000 3,25,000 4,00,000
Ahmedabad 2,75,000 3,50,000 4,25,000
Nagpur 2,35,000 2,50,000 4,25,000
Kolkata 2,75,000 3,50,000 4,25,000
Pune 2,55,000 2,75,000 4,50,000
Gurgaon 2,45,000 2,65,000 4,40,000
Chandigarh 2,00,000 2,75,000 4,50,000
Jaipur 2,50,000 3,25,000 4,00,000
Noida 2,30,000 2,65,000 3,40,000
Kerala 2,75,000 3,50,000 4,25,000
Goa 2,50,000 3,25,000 4,00,000


What are the Factors Affecting Pacemaker Surgery Cost in Chennai?

The factors affecting the cost of pacemaker surgery in Chennai can be broadly categorized into patient factors, hospital factors, and medical team factors. These include:

  • Type of hospital chosen for surgery: The cost of pacemaker surgery in Chennai depends on the type of hospital chosen by the patient for undergoing the surgery. Government hospitals charge a lower cost for pacemaker surgery in Chennai than private and trust hospitals.
  • Location of the hospital: The pacemaker surgery cost can be different in different areas of Chennai. For example, pacemaker implantation cost in OMR will be more than pacemaker surgery cost in Chengalpet.
  • Accreditation and facility in the hospital: A well-accredited hospital with good popularity and facilities charges a higher cost for pacemaker implantation in Chennai than normal hospitals.
  • Fee charged by cardiologists: A well-experienced and highly qualified cardiologist in Chennai will charge a higher fee for pacemaker surgery than less-experienced or junior doctors.
  • Type of anesthesia needed and the charges for the operating room: The final cost of pacemaker surgery in Chennai depends on the charges for anesthesia given to the patient. Additionally, the operating room rent also has to be paid by the patient for the services provided.
  • Post-operative complications: In cases of any complications arising during the surgery, the patient may require additional care which might increase the final cost for pacemaker surgery in Chennai.
  • Fee for investigatory tests: To understand the current health status of the patient, your cardiologist may perform additional tests such as X-rays, ECG, MRI, USG, blood tests etc which might increase the final pacemaker cost in Chennai.
  • Health status of the patient: A patient with underlying diseases like liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, etc may need additional care during the surgical procedures which might increase the final surgery cost.
  • Duration of hospital stay: The pacemaker surgery cost in Chennai depends on the duration of hospital stay. A patient with complications may require additional days in the hospital which increases the hospital room charges that in turn increase the final pacemaker surgery cost.
  • Hospital room selected by the patient: The pacemaker surgery cost in Chennai depends on the type of hospital room selected by the patient. A room with good facilities charges a higher cost as compared to general wards.
  • Insurance coverage plans of the patient
  • Fee for other specialist doctors

What are the Benefits of Pacemaker Implantation Surgery?

The purpose of a pacemaker is to prolong your life and avoid disturbances caused by cardiac issues. Benefits consist of:

  • Reducing the frequency of symptoms associated with cardiac rhythm abnormalities, including nausea, palpitations, disorientation, chest pain, and more
  • Avoiding uncomfortable arrhythmia-related symptoms such as fainting
  • Preventing cardiac arrest to save your life


Stress, fear, or anxiety can be brought on by heart issues that necessitate a pacemaker.  For you to feel more comfortable about the situation, your healthcare practitioner will explain everything to you and assist you in understanding it.  It is essential to understand the expenses associated with pacemaker surgery in India. Knowing how much a pacemaker costs in India or how much it costs to operate one would be beneficial to a lot of individuals, particularly those who have heart issues. A pacemaker can also be implanted to improve a patient's quality of life provided they meet the conditions.

Numerous factors, such as the severity of the condition, the type of surgery performed, the facility selected, the cost of cardiologists, and many more, affect the cost of pacemaker insertion surgery. The average pacemaker surgery cost in Chennai is approximately Rs. 3,00,000. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How Much Does A Pacemaker Surgery Cost In Chennai?
A: The pacemaker implantation surgery cost in Chennai ranges from INR.2,60,000 to INR. 4,75,000. This can be influenced by a variety of factors like hospital chosen for surgery, fees for cardiologists, charges for medications, investigation tests etc. However, A single pacemaker cost in Chennai ranges between Rs. 41,000 to Rs. 55,000.

Q: What are permanent restrictions after pacemaker surgery?
A: Following pacemaker surgery, people will receive advice from their doctors on certain lifelong restrictions. These consist of items like interference from magnetic and electromagnetic fields such as strong magnets and major electromagnetic interference sources, such as MRI machines, which should be avoided by people.

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