Blood Bank

A dedicated Blood Bank to ensure 24x7 availability of carefully collected, screened and stored blood for any heart emergency

The blood running in your body is your lifeline. It is the reason why you are alive and living a healthy life. Many cardiovascular diseases involve the need for blood from specific donors. At Artemis Cardiac Care, we have a dedicated blood bank to fulfil such needs for you and your loved ones.

Immediate Availability
Irrespective of the hour of the day/night, our blood bank provides you with the necessary resources on an immediate basis. Rest assured that you and your loved ones won’t need to wait for too long until blood arrives from an external blood bank. Our in-house blood bank caters to all your needs and plays an important role in giving you a new lease on life!

Safety Precautions
We understand the importance of a pure and unadulterated supply of blood. Our blood bank follows numerous safety precautions while obtaining, storing, and delivering blood to the patients. All blood samples stored at our blood bank are screened and tested to rule out all discrepancies. Our cardiac care experts ensure that the blood receive is 100% safe for transfusion to avoid infections and diseases.

Range Of Blood Products
Irrespective of the cardiovascular treatment you or your loved ones are undergoing, the blood bank at Artemis Cardiac Care contains a wide range of blood products, including red blood cells, whole blood, plasma, platelets, and more. Also, we do our best to make available blood belonging to all major groups on an immediate basis.

Improved Patient Outcomes
One of the primary benefits of a blood bank is its ability to improve patient outcomes. Blood transfusions can help increase oxygen delivery to tissues and organs, improve blood clotting ability, and replace lost blood volume. With a readily available blood supply, our blood bank provides timely and appropriate transfusions to patients in need, improving their chances of recovery.

Research And Education
Our blood bank serves as a valuable resource for medical research and education. This allows medical professionals to study the properties of blood and blood products, develop new transfusion techniques, and improve patient care through ongoing research.

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