Discharge Process

Get all the assistance you need for a smooth and hassle-free discharge process followed by regular follow-ups and assistance

Once you have recovered after obtaining comprehensive cardiac care at our facility, we will help you regain normalcy in your life with our discharge procedure. Just like the admission process, rest assured that our discharge process is simple, straightforward, and free from unnecessary complications.

While the precise details will depend on your surgery and treatment procedures, 

here is a glimpse of the steps involved in our discharge process:

Assessing Your Recovery
Once you reach your date of being discharged, our healthcare team will assess your recovery by reviewing your medical history, current symptoms, vital signs, and the results of any diagnostic tests. We will also evaluate your ability to perform daily activities, such as getting in and out of bed, walking, and using the restroom. Our goal here is to ensure that you are stable enough to be discharged safely and go back to living your life normally.

Final Consultation with Our Cardiologist
Our healthcare team will consult with the cardiologist responsible for your treatment to ensure that they have a clear understanding of your condition and progress. The cardiologist will review your medical records and test results to ensure that you are ready for discharge. They will also provide guidance on any additional tests or treatments that may be needed after the patient is discharged. This will be the final meeting with our cardiologist before you bid us farewell!

Developing A Discharge Plan
We will now develop a personalized discharge plan based on your current condition and needs. The plan may include instructions for follow-up care, medication management, and lifestyle changes. Our cardiac care team will ensure that you and your family understand the discharge plan and are prepared to implement it.

Our cardiac care team will also conduct a thorough medication reconciliation to ensure that the medications prescribed to you are correct and up-to-date. This includes reviewing the medications you were taking before admission, any new medications prescribed during your hospital stay, and any changes in medication dosages or frequency. Here, we will ensure that you have a sufficient supply of medications and understand how to take them to ensure your well-being.

Final Tests And Examinations (If Needed)
Before you are discharged, you may undergo final tests and examinations to ensure that your condition has stabilized. These procedures may include blood tests, ECGs, or other necessary diagnostic tests. Our cardiac care team will use these tests to ensure that you are stable enough to be discharged and that all treatment plans are in place.

Health Training
Most cardiovascular diseases are serious and you wouldn’t want to encounter such issues again. Considering this, we will provide you and your family members with personalized education and training on how to manage your condition at home.

This may include information on medication management, dietary changes, exercise routines, and more. Our team will also provide you with relevant information on specific warning signs and symptoms that may require immediate medical attention. Here, our goal is to ensure that you and your loved ones are prepared to manage your condition and prevent any complications after you leave.

Follow-Up Care
We will schedule follow-up appointments for you with your cardiologist or primary care physician to ensure the longevity of your recovery. They will provide you with the necessary instructions about how to schedule appointments and make sure you have access to any necessary resources. Our cardiac care team will also educate you on how to manage any medications, dietary restrictions, or other lifestyle changes after discharge.

A Final Goodbye!
The final step in our discharge process is the actual discharge from the hospital. Our team ensures that you have all the necessary paperwork, such as medical records and discharge summaries, as you leave us. They will also provide you and your family with instructions on what to do if you experience any issues or complications after getting home.

Every staff member at Artemis Cardiac Care does their best to ensure that you have a successful recovery and stay away from unnecessary hospital readmissions.

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