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But we often witness people leading an unhealthy lifestyle, ruining body organs, including the heart. A damaged heart will lead to multiple disorders in later years of life, making it difficult to lead a happy and healthy life. The good news is this is not an ultimate fate.

With the best doctors at Heart Hosptial in Ludhiana, you can restore your heart health. We have the best cardiologist in Ludhiana. We offer the best care for our patients. Our Cardiac Cetre in Ludhiana is known for the dedicated doctors and responsible professionals who will assist every individual in every step of their healing journey. You would feel stress-free and confident when dealing with our professionals.

Our Heart Hospital in Ludhiana is one of the first healthcare institutions to join the Joint Commission International. We are proud to present to you our team of incredibly talented and dedicated doctors, surgeons, and nurse staff. They have years of experience in their respective fields and can handle issues of any magnitude with the required urgency and attention.

We select our healthcare professionals after extensive screening processes to find the best of the best. With impeccable attention to detail, we choose every member based on talent and skill. At Artemis Heart Hospital in Ludhiana, we do not compromise on the quality of treatment. We aim to provide the best quality healthcare to all our patients, irrespective of gender, age, and any other parameters. We strive every day to maintain the quality of our treatment. At Artemis, you will be treated with the best quality machines that are updated according to the latest technology. You can trust us to treat you with the best possible route and help you lead a happy life.

As the Best Heart Hospital in Ludhiana, Artemis is known for our moral, truthful, and crystal-clear way of processing every case that comes our way. Our mission is to rise above finances and provide every patient with deserving healthcare. Our expert doctors treat every patient and consider every dimension of the disorder to find the best care to give. Our primary focus is the wellness of all our patients.

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Heart Attack Clinical Pathway

It is a set protocol or sequence of medical care practices for appropriately and timely managing the condition of patients who have suffered heart attack. These guidelines must be followed from the moment a patient shows signs of a heart attack up to the recovery period.

Heart Failure Clinic

These are specialized well-equipped heart care centers with excellent expertise in diagnosing and treating heart failure. Their primary goal is to provide longer and improved quality of life to the patients who suffered heart failure

Arrhythmia Clinic

These are specialized and advanced heart care facilities that work primarily for the treatment of heart disorders associated with arrhythmia to restore the heart rate and rhythm to the normal.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre

Cardiac rehabilitation (cardiac rehab) is a personalized education and exercise program designed to improve the health of patients who have undergone a heart surgery or suffering from a heart condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of Heart Surgery in Ludhiana?

The cost of heart surgery in Ludhiana can range from ₹2 lacs to ₹3 lacs. This cost depends on the hospital you visit, the surgeon operating on you, and the heart condition you suffer from. Make sure you are mindful of these factors while getting heart surgery done in Ludhiana.

Which hospital is the best for Heart Surgery in Ludhiana?

Oswal Artemis Heart Center is the best hospital for heart surgery in Ludhiana. With its team of experienced cardiologists and trained surgeons, the hospital offers a variety of top-notch amenities that match global healthcare standards. With the fastest door-to-balloon time in the city, Oswal Artemis Heart Center is a reliable facility to get yourself diagnosed and treated for some of the most serious heart conditions.

Which doctor is the best for the Heart in Ludhiana?

If you are looking for the most reliable and reputed heart doctor in Ludhiana, you can always consult Dr Gurkirat Singh Sidhu. Having worked in the healthcare sector for several years, Dr Sidhu has treated a number of patients, helping them fight serious heart disease and emerge victorious. He is known across Ludhiana for his selfless services, expertise, and knack for using modern technology to treat his patients.

Who is the no. 1 Heart Surgeon in Ludhiana?

Dr Gurkirat Singh Sidhu is one of the most reputed and popular heart surgeons in Ludhiana. Offering his services at Oswal Artemis Heart Center, he has handled a plethora of cases with an immaculate success rate. Dr. Sidhu is best known for his genuine concern for his patients and honest opinions regarding almost all cardiovascular complications faced by people living in and around Ludhiana.

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