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The importance of the heart extends to lifestyle, too. When the heart is damaged, it affects our daily functioning significantly. To treat any disorders of the heart, we have many cardiac facilities in our country. Artemis Cardiac Hospital New Delhi is one of the leading hospitals for heart care.

At Artemis, you get a multi-disciplinary approach to cardiac care. Our Cardiac Care New Delhi branch deals with all kinds of diseases and disorders related to the heart. Whether it is an issue with the valve or structural damage, our dedicated team will find the underlying cause and treat it efficiently.

We specialize in our branch in New Delhi to deal with all heart-related abnormalities. Be it a genetic disorder, lifestyle disease, or a completely unexpected change because of the environment; our doctors are competent to handle it with professionalism and dedication. No patient will feel neglected or not taken care of, and it is something we stand by. Our mission is to provide excellent healthcare for every cardiac patient that seeks help from us.

We are quite proud of our practices that abide by all the ethical considerations related to cardiac care and general healthcare. We have extremely strong doctor-patient confidentiality, which is maintained strictly without exceptions. Our honest team of doctors will always prescribe the best course of treatment for every patient. Depending on the severity of the case, we devise treatment plans involving medication, counselling, awareness, and surgeries.

One major factor we take a lot of pride in is the Door to Balloon time at our facility. The door-to-balloon time measures how long it takes for a catheter to cross the affected area in the diagnostic and interventional lab after a patient with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction arrives at the accident and emergency department. For patients having a primary percutaneous coronary intervention, the current recommendations to treat STEMI show a D2B time of 90 minutes or fewer. Our doctors have an average D2B time of 20 minutes, which is more than 4 times less than the standard time.

We offer the best healthcare in the cardiology department to all our patients, including emergency care. After all, a heart attack can occur when you least anticipate it, and a lot can happen based on how quick help is received.

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Heart Attack Clinical Pathway

It is a set protocol or sequence of medical care practices for appropriately and timely managing the condition of patients who have suffered heart attack. These guidelines must be followed from the moment a patient shows signs of a heart attack up to the recovery period.

Heart Failure Clinic

These are specialized well-equipped heart care centers with excellent expertise in diagnosing and treating heart failure. Their primary goal is to provide longer and improved quality of life to the patients who suffered heart failure

Arrhythmia Clinic

These are specialized and advanced heart care facilities that work primarily for the treatment of heart disorders associated with arrhythmia to restore the heart rate and rhythm to the normal.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre

Cardiac rehabilitation (cardiac rehab) is a personalized education and exercise program designed to improve the health of patients who have undergone a heart surgery or suffering from a heart condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the number one Heart Hospital in Delhi?

Parmanand Artemis Heart Center is the number one heart hospital in Delhi, thanks to its world-class amenities and state-of-the-art equipment. The cardiologists and healthcare staff working at the hospital are 100% dedicated to every patient’s cause, helping them tackle serious and life-threatening cardiovascular conditions. Years of services have made Artemis the most sought-after heart hospital for people living in and around New Delhi.

Who is the most famous Cardiac doctor in Delhi?

While Delhi has a number of cardiologists, Dr Subrata Lahiri is one of the most trusted of the lot. With his impeccable acumen and years of experience working in the domain, he has earned a reputable name in the industry. Throughout the course of his career, Dr Lahiri has handled numerous cases of serious cardiovascular diseases, helping his patients recover from life-threatening complications.

What are the services offered by Heart hospitals in Delhi?

Popular heart hospitals in Delhi provide modern diagnostic services and perform a number of different treatment procedures to help their patients recover. From offering rehabilitation centers to tackling conditions like heart attacks, cardiac arrests, arrhythmia, heart failures, atrial fibrillations, hypertension, congenital heart disease, etc., these hospitals offer a plethora of different services to its patients.

Heart specialist in Delhi to cure Heart Attack?

If you are facing an emergency and want the most reliable cardiac care to tackle a heart attack, it is advisable to seek consultation from Dr Subrata Lahiri. Offering his services at Parmanand Artemis Heart Center New Delhi, Dr Lahiri has created his niche in the healthcare sector with the shortest door-to-balloon time in the city. Moreover, his team of heart health professionals in Delhi ensure that the patients restore their blocked arteries as soon and effectively as possible.

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