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Artemis Cardiac Care is one of the best heart hospital in Chennai comprises a team of experienced healthcare professionals, including best cardiologist in Chennai and staff, who specialize in personalized cardiac care in Chennai. The team is led by cardiologists and cardiac surgeons who manage the medical facility with state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology. The team is dedicated to maintaining high standards of service and is supervised by highly respected seniors in the industry. Each healthcare expert undergoes scrutiny and inspection to ensure that they maintain the team’s high standards of care.

Moreover, our Cardiology centre in Chennai offers tailor-made cardiac care to its patients, focusing on a personalized approach. The healthcare professionals in Chennai monitor the individual needs of each patient to provide the best treatments possible. The team’s doctors carry out all procedures under the supervision of senior cardiac experts to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the services provided.

The team at Heart Hospital in Chennai believes in transparency, ethics, and morality when it comes to patient care. The well-being of patients always comes first, and the team prioritizes their patients’ health over profits. The team has been approached by patients who were advised to undergo extensive treatments by other healthcare professionals without any need for the same. In such cases, the doctors at Heart Hospital in Chennai have always shown patients the right path, saving them from unnecessary expenses.

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Heart Attack Clinical Pathway

It is a set protocol or sequence of medical care practices for appropriately and timely managing the condition of patients who have suffered heart attack. These guidelines must be followed from the moment a patient shows signs of a heart attack up to the recovery period.

Heart Failure Clinic

These are specialized well-equipped heart care centers with excellent expertise in diagnosing and treating heart failure. Their primary goal is to provide longer and improved quality of life to the patients who suffered heart failure

Arrhythmia Clinic

These are specialized and advanced heart care facilities that work primarily for the treatment of heart disorders associated with arrhythmia to restore the heart rate and rhythm to the normal.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre

Cardiac rehabilitation (cardiac rehab) is a personalized education and exercise program designed to improve the health of patients who have undergone a heart surgery or suffering from a heart condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which hospital is best for Open-Heart Surgery in Chennai?

If you are looking for the best hospital for open-heart surgery in Chennai, visit GEM Artemis Heart Center. The facility is equipped with amenities that match global healthcare standards. Every cardiologist, surgeon, and staff member at Artemis is trained in using modern equipment for diagnosing and treating some of the most serious heart conditions, especially when it comes to performing open-heart surgeries. You can rest assured that the surgery performed at GEM Artemis Heart Center will be 100% safe, precise, and sensitive. 

Which is the best hospital for the Heart in Chennai?

Of all cardiac hospitals in Chennai, GEM Artemis Heart Center is the best hospital for the heart. A successful collaboration between GEM and Artemis, the hospital helps patients living in and around Chennai recover from extremely serious heart conditions and complications in the best way possible. Every cardiologist, surgeon, and staff member at the hospital is dedicated to providing state-of-the-heart cardiac care to the people of Chennai. 

Who is the most famous Cardiac doctor in Chennai?

While Chennai is home to multiple cardiologists, Dr VKG Rajasekar is arguably the most popular and reliable in the city when it comes to tackling complicated heart conditions. An expert in interventional cardiology, Dr Rajasekar has handled thousands of cases and helped all his patients recover from serious cardiovascular issues. If you or any of your loved ones in Chennai have been struggling with heart conditions, it is advisable to seek consultation from Dr VKG Rajasekar to get on the road to recovery. 

Which hospital is the best for Angioplasty in Chennai?

GEM Artemis Heart Center is one of the best heart hospitals for angioplasty in Chennai. The team of cardiologists and cardiac surgeons at the facility are completely committed to helping their patients recover from issues like CAD, heart attacks, heart failures, and more. The team at GEM Artemis understands the sensitivity required to perform angioplasty and ensures that the patient 
comes out of the operation theater fully healed. 

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