International Patients

We extend our care and expertise beyond all borders, catering to the needs of patients from far and wide

Best Cardiac Care Center For International Patients
If you are traveling to India or are hosting your loved ones from abroad, rest assured that Artemis Cardiac Care will provide them with holistic and comprehensive cardiac care in case they encounter undesirable health issues.

The cardiac care teams at our facilities work day and night to cater to patients coming from all around the world, striving to make their Indian trip worthwhile! If you or any of your loved ones feel the need to get their heart health diagnosed or a disease treated, do not hesitate to seek consultation from our esteemed cardiologists. 

Globally Relevant Expertise
All our cardiologists and staff members at Artemis Cardiac Care possess expertise that matches the global standards of cardiac care. From cardiac surgeons and cardiologists to anesthesiologists and other medical professionals, we follow globally accepted standards of diagnosis and treatment for all heart disease cases. If you are visiting India from abroad, rest assured that you will recover without any hiccups!

State-of-the-art Facilities
All our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, tools, and rooms that are in tune with global standards. From our ICUs and catheter labs to the rooms dedicated to housing patients, our facilities promise a hassle-free journey to each international patient coming our way.

Personalized Cardiac Care
Especially in the case of international patients, the traditional one-size-fits-all approach is not relevant. Our cardiologists tailor their cardiac care depending on the specific factors that are unique to an international patient’s medical history, geographical location, lifestyle, and other matters that aren’t always prevalent in India. All our diagnostic tests, treatments, and rehabilitation procedures are designed according to a host of factors related to the patients getting admitted.

Multi-lingual Staff
An aspect as small as language can often become a major barrier in seeking medical care when it comes to international patients. Our team at Artemis Cardiac Care consists of multi-lingual staff members who can understand different languages and are fluent in English. We do our best to communicate with our international patients in the best way possible, putting them at ease the moment they enter our doors!

International Experience
Many of our cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, and staff members have had an experience of training and/or practicing internationally. They are aware of the different approaches, cultures, and procedures our international patients might be used to. This knowledge helps us enhance our services and leave no stone unturned in helping our international patients recover.

Get An Opinion With Us
Irrespective of the country you are traveling from, Artemis Cardiac Care is more than willing to help you on your road to recovery. Reach out to us for an opinion and schedule a consultation today.

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