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Artemis Cardiac Care is the first JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited medical institution and a top cardiac hospital in Panipat for providing tertiary care to the citizens. Our team of healthcare professionals and medical experts strives to provide personalized cardiac care to patients, helping them lead healthy and happy lives.

The cardiac hospital in Panipat is overlooked and managed by a competent team of skilled cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. Our team of experts is driven to give their best in providing their services and ensuring the well-being of our patients. Moreover, the team of experts at Artemis Heart Care, Panipat is led by respected seniors who have garnered years of experience in the domain and have mastered the art and science of medicine and management. Rest assured that all healthcare professionals in our facility have come on board after inspection and scrutiny to provide wholesome cardiac care in Panipat.

We aim at providing cardiac care services of the highest standards without making any compromises. All our doctors and healthcare staff provide individual attention to every patient brought to the facility until they are fit and fine. Moreover, none of our team members steers away from ethics, morals, and complete transparency of procedures. They guide the patients and their loved ones every step of the way from the moment they enter our facility. Maintaining our reputation as a trusted cardiac hospital in Panipat, we ensure that all our practices (medical and otherwise) are overseen by senior experts and executives to provide quality cardiac care to every patient.

Artemis Heart Centre prioritizes honest, ethical, and transparent treatments over monetizing our services. Our team has encountered situations where they have made heart patients realize they don’t need extensive procedures after they were advised to go through tedious procedures elsewhere. Our mission will always be to provide quality cardiac care in Panipat and help patients return to their healthy lives as effectively as possible.

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Heart Attack Clinical Pathway

It is a set protocol or sequence of medical care practices for appropriately and timely managing the condition of patients who have suffered heart attack. These guidelines must be followed from the moment a patient shows signs of a heart attack up to the recovery period.

Heart Failure Clinic

These are specialized well-equipped heart care centers with excellent expertise in diagnosing and treating heart failure. Their primary goal is to provide longer and improved quality of life to the patients who suffered heart failure

Arrhythmia Clinic

These are specialized and advanced heart care facilities that work primarily for the treatment of heart disorders associated with arrhythmia to restore the heart rate and rhythm to the normal.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre

Cardiac rehabilitation (cardiac rehab) is a personalized education and exercise program designed to improve the health of patients who have undergone a heart surgery or suffering from a heart condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a better Cardiologist or Cardiac Surgeon in Panipat?

Looking at his track record and the reputation he has earned in his domain, it is safe to say that Dr Mahesh Sharma is one of the best cardiologists and cardiac surgeons in Panipat. Offering his services at Artemis Ravindra Heart Center Panipat, he has given many patients a lease on their lives. Having tackled some of the most life-threatening conditions, Dr Sharma has created his niche in Panipat’s healthcare sector.

Who is the best heart doctor in Artemis Ravindra Heart Care Panipat?

Dr Mahesh Sharma is the doctor you should consult as you visit Artemis Ravindra Heart Care Panipat. Having performed multiple heart surgeries and diagnosed thousands of patients, Dr Sharma has earned a reputation of being a distinguished cardiac expert in the city. Years of experience have helped him acquire valuable knowledge to treat serious heart conditions and life-threatening diseases.

Who is the most famous Cardiac doctor in Panipat?

Dr Mahesh Sharma is one of the most reputed and popular cardiac doctors in Panipat. Offering his services at Panipat’s Artemis Ravindra Heart Care, he possesses years of professional experience in the healthcare sector. Known for his genuine concern for his patients and for staying in tune with the latest tech trends, Dr Sharma has been successful in saving many lives and guiding multiple patients coming from all walks of life.

Which is the best Heart Specialist hospital for Heart Attacks in Panipat?

Artemis Ravindra Heart Care is the best heart hospital for heart attacks in Panipat. With the fastest door-to-balloon time in the city, the healthcare professionals at the hospital ensure that patients suffering from heart attacks receive immediate and extensive care. The cardiologists practicing at the facility have saved many lives and helped multiple patients recover from serious heart attacks.

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