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January 20, 2024 |
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It won’t be incorrect to say that your heart is the most important organ in your body. It is your heart that shoulders the responsibility of circulating oxygen throughout your body, keeping all your organs alive. A healthy heart is always a sign of a healthy life.

India has struggled with heart-related diseases for a long time. Owing to people’s unhealthy lifestyles and lack of awareness, more and more people are falling prey to heart diseases every year. Issues like silent heart attacks, cardiomyopathy, cardiac arrest, etc., are becoming more prominent, making even younger patients lose their lives.

Such cases prompt us to be more cautious than ever when it comes to our cardiac health. If you or any of your loved ones experience even mild symptoms that may be worrisome, make sure you consult a cardiac hospital in your city without any delay. Immediate and holistic cardiac care is the best way to tackle such complications.

If you do not want frequent visits to a heart hospital, it is important to understand the seriousness of heart diseases and take the right preventive measures. One of the biggest mistakes Indians make is becoming cautious when it is too late. Once the damage is already done, taking preventive measures will no longer be effective. Even if you feel perfectly healthy and have no history of heart-related issues, it is advisable to go for regular checkups and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Here are a few reasons why cardiac care is important to live a healthy and happy life:

Keep Heart Attacks At Bay

Gone are the days when heart attacks were limited to older patients who exhibited overt symptoms. With the younger Indian population suffering from heart-related issues like heart attacks, it is high time we start taking cardiac care seriously.

When the blood vessels carrying blood to your heart are blocked, and the heart is deprived of its blood supply, it results in heart attacks. While most heart attack cases have clear symptoms like pressing/squeezing pain in the chest, breathing difficulties, nausea, a sense of impending doom, etc., patients may also experience these attacks without any symptoms, especially in their sleep.

Effective cardiac care ensures seamless blood flow to your heart, keeping you safe from heart attacks. However, if you do encounter any of the symptoms mentioned above, make sure you visit the nearest cardiac care center immediately.

Maintaining Adequate Cholesterol And Blood Pressure Levels

High cholesterol and blood pressure are the key causes of most heart-related diseases. The buildup of unhealthy cholesterol in your blood increases problems for your heart, making you susceptible to a number of cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, staying true to its name, high blood pressure exerts unusual pressure on your heart, making it work harder to pump your blood.

Seeking cardiac care services or taking preventive measures at home helps you control your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. To maintain safe and healthy levels of both, it is advisable to follow a healthy diet, stay calm, exercise regularly, and go for regular health checkups.

Tackling Depression

Not many people know that there is a connection between cardiovascular diseases and mental health issues like depression. Suffering from heart-related problems often increases your chances of feeling depressed. A sense of impending doom before a heart attack is a sign of the same.

Serious heart-related complications like heart attacks take a toll on the patient’s mental health, making them feel constantly anxious, stress, and concerned for themselves and their loved ones. Heart patients often tend to overthink and make matters worse for themselves. They start a vicious cycle of stress affecting their cardiac health and vice versa.

Reducing The Risk Of Dementia

The link between cardiovascular health and mental well-being goes beyond depression. Medical research shows that heart-related issues increase the risk of dementia in patients. When you ignore your heart’s health by adopting an unhealthy lifestyle and forming unhealthy habits, you interfere with the oxygen-rich blood reaching your brain.

Without adequate blood flow, your brain cannot function properly, making it susceptible to serious issues like dementia. This also makes it difficult for patients to make sound decisions and interferes with reasoning.

Preventing Too High Or Low Blood Sugar Levels

Glucose is responsible for your body’s energy levels. We need enough glucose to function throughout the day. Neither too high nor too low sugar levels are healthy for our well-being. While our bodies are capable of maintaining adequate blood sugar levels, certain lifestyle choices that harm our cardiovascular health cause an imbalance in the same.

When we harm our cardiovascular system, it interferes with the sugar/glucose levels in our body, resulting in several health complications. Comprehensive cardiac care helps you restore normal blood sugar levels and keep you away from a myriad of different health issues.

Finding The Top Cardiac Care Hospital In India

Looking at the state of cardiac health in the country, it is important to take matters related to our cardiovascular health seriously. If the damage is already done and you need holistic cardiac care, make sure you rush to the best and most trusted cardiac hospital in your city.

Modern cardiac hospitals in India ensure that patients not only go home healthy and happy but also spread the word about the importance of healthy hearts. For example, Artemis Cardiac Care does its best to make holistic cardiac care accessible throughout tier 1, 2, and 3 Indian cities. By installing state-of-the-art equipment at all its centers, Artemis steers away from making any compromises when it comes to the services offered to the patients.

The team of trained and experienced cardiologists at Artemis Cardiac Care provides personalized care and attention to every patient, helping them tackle multiple heart-related issues and ensuring sound cardiac health. The reputed chain of hospitals aims to make the country’s heart healthier by making more and more people aware of the importance of regular checkups and a healthy lifestyle.

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