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At Artemis Cardiac Centre, we pioneer innovative approaches to ensure the finest treatments for you and your heart. The Department of Electrophysiology is backed by a team of highly skilled doctors and immensely experienced technicians, who are committed to treating you with precision and keeping your heart beating in the perfect rhythm. Our team adheres to the use of the most trusted and effective techniques for diagnosing, treating and managing a wide range of diseases that interfere with your heart rhythm, while ensuring the best possible care.

When your heart is beating out of sync, choose the expertise you trust. Artemis Cardiac Centre offers advanced and innovative Electrophysiology services to ensure unparalleled care for your heartbeats.
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What is Electrocardiogram?

Electrophysiology typically deals with the electrical properties of living cells and tissues that are responsible for regulating your heart rhythm. It involves various tests, that aim at diagnosing, assessing, treating and managing problems that interfere with the normal conductivity of your heart and disrupt its rhythm.

Electrophysiology is broadly classified into two types - Non-invasive and Clinical. The former generally involves modalities for diagnosing and assessing heart rhythm abnormalities, such as Holter monitoring and stress test, whereas the latter involves modalities for diagnosis, as well as treatment, such as Electrophysiology Studies, Pacemaker implantation and Radiofrequency ablation.

What is Electrophysiology used for?

World-class interventions offered at Artemis Cardiac Centre:

Advantages of Electrophysiology

Various Advantages of Electrophysiology are:

World-class interventions offered at Artemis Cardiac Centre:

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