Top 10 Cardiologists in Delhi NCR, India Top 10 Cardiologists in Delhi NCR, India

Top 10 Cardiologists in Delhi NCR, India

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July 10, 2024 |
Top 10 Cardiologists in Delhi NCR, India 9 Min Read | 103

Doctors who specialize in treating conditions pertaining to the cardiovascular system, which includes the heart and blood vessels, are known as cardiologists. They also teach heart-healthy lifestyles. Heart attacks, heart failure, heart valve disease, arrhythmia, and high blood pressure can all be treated by cardiologists. Cardiologists practice in hospitals as well as privately-run clinics. 

In order to provide multidisciplinary care, they often collaborate with specialists while providing care in both inpatient and outpatient settings. A wide range of invasive and non-invasive diagnostic procedures, including cardiac MRIs, CT scans, and Holter monitoring, are carried out and interpreted by cardiologists, in order to make a diagnosis. They are adept at handling sudden, severe cardiovascular emergencies, such as heart attacks, where prompt medical attention can save lives.  Cardiologists also work in preventive care, assisting patients in managing risk factors such as diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol through individualized lifestyle plans and medication.

In addition, they might suggest medication, diet, exercise, stress management, and weight management as well as other lifestyle modifications. Cardiologists are qualified to carry out operations like cardiac catheter insertion and pacemaker installation. Cardiologists may work in labs to conduct research and teach at universities in order to create new treatments. 

Find the Top Cardiologists in India

Following are the best cardiologists in India:

1. Dr. V.K.G. Rajasekar, Chief Director, GEM Artemis Heart Centre, Chennai

One of the top cardiologists in Chennai, Dr. V.K.G. Rajasekar (MD, DM) is the Chief Director of Cardiology at GEM Artemis Heart Centre. He has devoted a number of years of his life to giving seriously ill patients a new lease on life. In South India, Dr. Rajasekar is most recognised for his proficiency in pediatric interventional cardiology, pediatric electrophysiology (pacing and devices), and stem cell therapy.

2. Dr. Awanindra Kumar Singh, Consultant, Raj Artemis Heart Center, Ranchi

With over ten years of experience, Dr. Awanindra Kumar Singh is skilled in both CCU and non-invasive cardiology. In addition to having extensive training in adult echocardiography, stress echocardiography, TMT, Holter monitoring, and other diagnostic techniques, he is competent and highly skilled in handling cardiac emergencies. He has worked with a number of organizations before joining Artemis, including Fortis Escorts, Delhi Heart and Lung Institute, and Paras Hospital Gurgaon.

3. Dr. Gaurav Mathur, Consultant, Kothari Artemis Heart Centre Bikaner

At the Kothari Artemis Heart Centre in Bikaner, Dr. Gaurav Mathur is among the best cardiologists in the area. He's worked in the field of cardiology for more than five years, doing both clinical and interventional procedures. He has done MBBS, MD (General Medicine), then DM Cardiology for becoming a cardiology specialist.

4. Dr. Gurkirat Singh Sidhu, Consultant, Mohandai Oswal Hospital, Ludhiana

Dr. Gurkirat Singh Sidhu, an esteemed Senior Interventional Cardiologist, holds qualifications including MBBS, MD in Medicine, DM in Cardiology, and a Fellowship in Cardiology from the USA, along with an Associate Fellowship from ESC Europe. Dr. Sidhu specializes in invasive procedures such as radial route angiography, simple and complex angioplasties, coronary imaging (OCT/IVUS), pacemaker and ICD/CRTD implantation, balloon valvotomy, and congenital heart disease device closure. He also excels in non-invasive cardiology, providing comprehensive cardiac consultations, echocardiography for adults and children, cardiac stress testing (TMT/DSE), Holter monitoring, and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

5. Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Senior Consultant, Artemis Ravindra Heart Centre, Panipat

Dr. Mahesh Sharma, one of the top cardiologists, has years of expertise in diagnosing and treating a variety of heart conditions. Prior to getting associated with Artemis Ravindra Heart Centre, Dr. Mahesh Sharma worked at the esteemed GB Pant Hospital in New Delhi. Dr. Mahesh Sharma is specialized in angiography and angioplasty via the femoral and radial routes. With a wealth of experience, Dr. Mahesh Sharma has implanted pacemakers in both adult and pediatric patients. Additionally, Dr. Sharma conducts basic EP studies and ablations.

6. Dr. Pramod Kumar, Unit Head, Kurji Artemis Heart Centre, Patna

Dr. Pramod Kumar works at Kurji Artemis Heart Centre in Patna as a cardiologist and senior consultant. With five years of experience in interventional cardiology, he has successfully completed more than two thousand therapeutic cardiac interventions, such as atrial septal defect device closure procedures, permanent pacemaker implants, AICDs, biventricular pacemakers, and coronary angioplasty. After earning his D.M. in cardiology from SCB Cuttack, he joined the FSCAI and worked as a consultant cardiologist at Mahavir Heart Hospital.

He was employed as a consultant cardiologist at Mahavir Heart Hospital in Patna prior to joining Kurji Artemis Heart Hospital. His area of expertise is radial route angiography and angioplasty. In addition to managing heart attacks, he possesses proficiency in pacemaker, ICD, CRT, and device closure for atrial septal defects. In addition to his proficiency in coronary angioplasty, he prioritizes raising public awareness of heart disease.

7. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Jha, Consultant, Raj Artemis Heart Center, Ranchi

One of top cardiologists, Dr. Rajesh Kumar Jha, is a Darbhanga native who is, in all actuality, "a son of RANCHI." He received his MD in medicine from RIMS Ranchi, his MBBS from TNMC Mumbai, and his DM in cardiology from Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi. He has been working with GB Pant and Artemis hospitals in Gurugram, two well-known hospitals in North India. He has been our interventional cardiologist for the past eight years, and we are fortunate that he has made our center one of the most desired locations in Ranchi for cardiology investigations and interventions. He boasts that over 90% of all CAG and PCI procedures are completed via the transradial route, and our center is proud of his performance in the "Live Complex Angioplasty in Eastern India conclave" in August 2021.

8. Dr. Subrata Lahiri, Director, Parmanand Artemis Heart Centre, Delhi

Dr. Subrata Lahiri is among the best cardiologists in Delhi. He joined the Artemis Parmanand Heart Centre as Director of Cardiology. He brings with him over 5000 coronary interventions performed and 20 long years of experience in the field of interventional cardiology. 

Primary angioplasty via the radial route (through the arm) is his main area of interest. In terms of managing cardiac devices, he is also a pioneer (Pacemaker & CRT ICDS). He has trained fellows in the field of interventional cardiology and is actively involved in the DNB (Postdoctoral Fellows) teaching programme. He attends national and international conferences regularly as a faculty fellow and fellow of the European Society of Cardiology (FESC).


Medication or guidance on dietary and lifestyle modifications may be part of a cardiologist's treatment plan. More severe conditions might necessitate different types of heart surgery.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Who is the best cardiologist in India?

A: One of the top cardiologists in India, Dr. V.K.G. Rajasekar (MD, DM) is the Chief Director of Cardiology at GEM Artemis Heart Centre. 

Q2: Which is the best heart hospital?

A: Artemis Cardiac Care is one of the best heart hospitals in India. 

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