Percutaneous Valvular Interventions

Percutaneous Valvular Interventions in New Delhi

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Percutaneous Valvular Interventions


At Artemis Cardiac Centre, we are committed to providing you with world-class care and unparalleled expertise to help you beat complex valve disorders and conditions. The hospital offers the finest percutaneous valvular interventions, backed by the most advanced imaging modalities and expertise of a dedicated team of specialists, holding years of expertise in the field. Here, every procedure is guided by precision and curated by keeping in view your specific requirements, for a personalized yet comprehensive approach. The hospital has dedicated operating units, labs and intensive care units all adhering to stringent benchmarks of quality and safety because we believe in giving you an experience that is at par with the best. 

Life is easier when all your heart valves are functioning optimally. When they are not, we, at Artemis Cardiac Centre can help you repair or replace the same with world-class interventions
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Percutaneous Valvular Interventions
Percutaneous Valvular Interventions

The term percutaneous valvular interventions is used for various minimally invasive procedures that are performed to address problems involving the heart valves. The procedures used cardiac catheterization techniques and detailed imaging guidance for replacing or repairing damaged heart valves. The human heart has four valves, each of which serves a crucial purpose, however, there are conditions that can prevent the valves from functioning optimally, often giving rise to potentially life-threatening symptoms.

The procedures are performed with the aim of improving heart function and alleviating symptoms, that can otherwise aggravate, interfere with the quality of the patients life and give rise to serious complications. Despite its effectiveness, the procedure might not be an option for everyone and it is crucial to determine your eligibility for the same before proceeding. Doctors generally do this by assessing the potential risks and analyzing your overall health and well-being.

What are Percutaneous Valvular Interventions used for?

Percutaneous valve interventions are used for treating any of the following conditions:

World-class interventions offered at Artemis Cardiac Centre:

Advantages of Percutaneous Valvular Interventions

Various Advantages of Percutaneous Valvular Interventions are:

World-class interventions offered at Artemis Cardiac Centre:

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